Continuing Education

Certificate Programs

McCormick Seminary is committed to the education of the whole people of God, providing opportunities and resources for all those involved in ministry and with a commitment to grow deeper in knowledge and action.

At a Glance

Certificate in Environmental Leadership and Ministry

A practical, interactive, cross-disciplinary program for clergy and lay leaders discussing Environmental Ministry in terms of the State of Creation, Biblical Foundations, Theological Foundations and Christian Ethics.

Certificate in Executive Leadership 2017-2018

The Certificate in Executive Leadership program equips pastors and other key leaders of Christian institutions, both congregations and broader church or non-profit groups, with the skills and abilities vital for effective leadership in today's rapidly changing landscape. Applications may be submitted,

Leadership in a changing world

A group of 19 students gathered in September to begin McCormick's first session of the new Certificate in Executive Leadership program

Why McCormick

McCormick prepares graduates for ministries that reach across boundaries of culture, class, ethnicity, and nation to face the needs of both present and emerging communities of faith.

At a Glance

A Welcome from the Office of the President

A word of welcome to McCormick Theological Seminary from our President, Frank M. Yamada

Who We Are Today

We are a seminary of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and are grounded in the theological thought and church life of the Reformed tradition.

Our History

For almost 190 years, McCormick Theological Seminary has been a progressive educational leader within the Reformed tradition. Learn more about our rich and storied history as a noted center of theological education

Our Values, Mission, and Goals

Our curriculum, worship, and institutional life are all informed by four key values: Cross-cultural, Urban, Reformed, and Ecumenical. Learn more more about our values.