Continuing Education

First Parish Project Offers Support for Young Pastors in Small Membership Churches

The First Parish Project is a Lilly funded continuing education initiative at the Hinton Rural Life Center aimed at developing and sustaining effective pastoral leadership in small membership churches.

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Certificate in Executive Leadership 2017 - 2018 Registration will open on January 1, 2017. Don't delay! The cohort may fill quickly. 

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Please contact Courtney Jacobson at if you have questions about our certificate courses.

Certificate Programs

McCormick Seminary is committed to the education of the whole people of God, providing opportunities and resources for all those involved in ministry and with a commitment to grow deeper in knowledge and action.

At a Glance

Certificate in Environmental Leadership and Ministry

A practical, interactive, cross-disciplinary program for clergy and lay leaders discussing Environmental Ministry in terms of the State of Creation, Biblical Foundations, Theological Foundations and Christian Ethics.

Certificate in Executive Leadership 2017-2018

The Certificate in Executive Leadership program equips pastors and other key leaders of Christian institutions, both congregations and broader church or non-profit groups, with the skills and abilities vital for effective leadership in today's rapidly changing landscape. Applications may be submitted,